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          If you are actually experiencing this moment, then that is the basis of the definition of real. You can't say experience is not real and say something else is. The basis of real is what can be experienced. There is no more profound way to know that you exist then to experience existing, and if you experience this moment - you know of your own existence. The definition of know is to experience something; and if you are actually experiencing, there is no way it is mechanical, unless you admit that all mechanical systems which includes all matter experiences. If you actually experience you are real; and if real means anything but that, then real doesn't mean anything. Also if these people who deny their own consciousness are anything but robots then they are denying the sun at noon day so to speak. I am actually experiencing this moment right now as I type this; and from this particle or wave of being, that I am, in this moment, I know that nothing but something infinite or nonlocal could produce actual existence.



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Underneath a leafy roof
let's drink the midnight air.
For those who seek to find the
truth just close your eyes and stare.

Stare across an endless sea
drop deep into your soul.
Realize everything is energy
unified and whole. >¦<

- Unknown Poet -


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