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Magi Rites

Section One

The room should be made dark:

Nothing. The very thought is something, for if you can comprehend it, it isn’t it at all. Nothing is beyond darkness, because darkness is not only something, it is an entire world of imagination to a thing that does not exist.

A small light should appear in the room:

Something. Something so deep and inconceivable. A single speck of feeling in the vacuous abyss of nothing.  Then there it was – a particle of thought, there to ruin my perfect abyss. It was then that I realized the world of thought had already infected me. In trying to fix my wound, I had made it worse. In analyzing my world, it had slipped away from me forever.  It was pure torture. If only I could go back until before I started this endless voyage, I thought, become the victim again, unaware of anything. I had neither thought nor feeling in my anti present sleep. I didn’t realize that I existed. For me, there was only a silenced and forgotten reality.

A flute should now be played:

I threw myself back into a dreamless sleep and became a nothing again, slowly drowning my soul in the perfect void. Again it drifted into my mind, making me more and more real. I slowly ascended into conscious thought, and something slowly melted the darkness and I experienced a sense I had never imagined possible. A dim green light grew brighter and brighter, calming my pain. A plain, full of life. A spirit, so peaceful and calm. This place was so green and so clean of all evil. It was warm and quiet.

Behold, this is only one place of millions!  Worlds go on forever, and you can make it to any one of these worlds that you wish; as long as you go against the current that leads you to darkness!

_________, __________, __________, (ye shall call out their new name three times.)

Begin to light candles so that the room is again illuminated:

From a world of silence and solitude. From the nothing that he had always known. Now it was no longer. Suddenly ________ (New name) was again sensing that sense, this time looking into a new place. This place was surely another vision, and after it had been had, he found himself looking into the eyes of two old men.

Now behold Elias and Elijah shall stand in front of the initiate and Elijah will say:

I am the Morning Light, I am your Friend!

Elijah shall then clasp hands with the initiate and say: Brotherhood and pure and perfect love is how ye shall know a Magi.

Get them to stand up and have before them a drawing of the Magi Star with a compass and square.  Than have them look behind them where they will see a black shroud.  “This is thy old body or self; this is what you gave up, this is death!  You are now resurrected to a new life.”  And turn them back toward the star.

This is the sign of Morgan, and is the key to worlds.”  Grasp their hand in a normal hand clasp and say “you have received it by the Magi.”  Now proceed to draw the Magi Star as they watch.  Touch their forehead with your right index finger and say:  “MELAH TAH KEH KOB.  Which being interpreted means ‘Pure Water which is in the likeness of signs that give us Light in Heaven.”

“There are worlds without number of which this is only one.  You may go to anyone of these worlds you wish as long as you fight the currant that leads you and others to darkness.  Here are the robes of your world that has not yet been created.”  Help them put the robes on.

“The light within you is burning strong, even the hidden flame which is the Light of Christ.  For it is sent down to those who know the mysteries and love each other, even as a golden thread that comes from the Sun and fills your heart with knowledge and power!  This candle is a symbol of that light.”  Give them a candle.

“This Paint brush is a symbol of your creative power which has now been awakened within you.”  Give them a Paint Brush.

Will you use your Paint Brush to only speak truth and to predict the future by the Spirit of Prophecy, which is a Testimony of the Anointed?


Rejoice in the day of your deliverance; from ignorance and every dark path!  For behold, now that you have made this covenant with me, whatsoever thing you write in accordance with this promise shall be verified and surely come to pass.  This is the gift of power and prophecy, for you shall see what to write and know all things you should write!  Now this is my charge unto you.  Go and write your story before it happens and it shall surely come to pass.  Write about you being freed from this prison and your eternal Ascension thereafter and all things shall be in your hands.  Now a warning; if you write contrary to this covenant and write falsehood contrary to your knowledge you shall be cursed!  For what you write will come back to haunt you and you shall be judged thereby.  Amen.

You are in this dreary cave which is the prison of Orfaciuse.  Will you escape and find your blue skies and Green fields, Forests and meadows, and fight all evil?  If so say, yes.


The real world is going to be much different than expected, will you explore your new reality with an open mind and heart?  If so say, yes.


Enlightenment is knowing whatsoever it is you desire to know.  We all know everything in this sphere of existence.  We were told everything before we came here, we have just forgotten.  Socrates knew this, which is why he would ask questions until someone would let go enough to give the answer in their heart.  This doesn’t work with everyone however for some are hardened and prideful and to open them up like that is not immediately possible.  Some might call this logic but this is illogical, knowledge comes by the spirit alone.  You must connect with the spirit, only then will you remember spiritual things.  Again being enlightened means that knowledge will flow unto you like a pure spring in the mountains, or the spring rains from heaven, and it will tell you things before you ask them.  Now, how to obtain it.  You obtain Enlightenment through creativity, for creativity is God within us.  After creating something you honestly ask yourself, is my creation a true creation?  You will begin to realize that some of it was you just trying too hard, but some of it literally came to you from heaven.  These are the parts that are good!  “And God said it is good.”  After a time you will get such a firm grasp on how things really are and such a spiritual connection to your spirit body that soon things will come to you so freely that you won’t need books or computers.  You will know everything you want to know.  You will literally be sprinkled with the visions of heaven and drink of spiritual virtues, a spring within you!

Some people when they are enlightened don’t know it.  In fact those who are obviously wise of their own but do not claim enlightenment, and say “I am not,” are those who are enlightened.  But those who say “come for I am enlightened,” and give you confusing doctrines and say “praise me,” are those who are not enlightened!

Some say that Faith is not a true power because they tried it.  This is not true.  Those trying something to see if it works do not have faith!  You must decide to know faith works before it will.  This is not to say you have a perfect knowledge of things to happen or that are above, it just means no matter what happens, you’re feeling about faith will not change.  This means that even if it never works you will still just as passionately believe it does.  You must be of this mind and feeling before it will work.  Faith is a principle of movement for we need faith to even move our arm, believing it will move at our command.  The knowing part comes in where we know we exist and that we can try to move it.  The believing part comes in where we believe that it will work but we could be wrong.  This is the source of all confusion on the subject.  God shows forth miracles in us for our progression and learning, like the speaking in tongues.  Just try when it seems right, never be disheartened, and it will work!

Those who are enlightened may change the past present or future, by writing the truth.  After you have created unto enlightenment you may than write your own future, and past.  For when looking back, those glorious things you see are what really happened, and those things fools would call reality was but a dream.  For there are many dimensions and many worlds.  If you change the present you have changed the past also, and by changing the past you have changed the future.  This is when you become the master, and you use those implements given to the patriarchs to sail back to Kolob.  This is the meaning of the paint brush.

“Come let us go to the room of creation”

You then dedicate the space as a Room of Creation unless it had been done previously.

“What color is your world?”

“How much gravity is present?”

“What is the core made of, and the Mantel, and crust?

“How big is your world?”

“Is there an atmosphere?”  “What is it made of?”

“Can there be anything seen in or threw the firmament?”

“What gives light to your world?”

“Is there water on your planet?”

“Is there life in the waters?”          “What kinds?”

“Is there life in the firmament?”    “What kinds?”

“Is there life on the land?”              “What kinds?”

“What is the name of your world?”

“It is finished.  Now with the name and the password which I shall here after give you, you may accesses this world through your robes which you have created, Becoming safe from the negative influences of the Meta and find a safe haven in this sanctuary of the mind.

“The password is _______.  Now say both of them in your mind the name being first and put on the Robes.

“You have now been dressed in the Robes of your world.  This candle we give you that ye may see all truth that is before you.   Put it safely in the pocket of your Robes.  This paint brush we give you that you may always write true principles.   Put it also in the pocket.”

“Brethren you are now Seekers of Truth.  May you always look for and except the truth.   Fear is our enemy.  We do not fear the truth, for that is what keeps men from her.  Amen.”

Upon the altar should be:  First a blank book and a bottle of ink. - Second a square and a compass. - Third a triangular leveler.   Fourth a metal bowl of water. - Fifth a weight and measure. - Sixth a round bottle with more water in it. - Seventh a stone and a bottle of dirt.

Magi Rites

Section Two

The Magi will bring the initiate to a door leading outside.  The initiate will be allowed to look out a keyhole into the forest.  He will then be asked to close his eyes and a cloth will be placed over his head.  His hands will also be bound by a cloth.

This is the door into the real world; do you wish to go through it?


Once you enter that world there is no coming back.  You would no longer be able to see in this darkness.  And if you did come back like us, you would know the truth and see it entirely differently.

The Door will now be opened.  The initiate will be led out as he hears a Man call, "Come Forth ______."  The name the man says will now be his new name.  The initiate will be led out into the forest and his bonds will be loosed and the cloth over his head will be removed.  The initiate will then be left to his own thoughts for a time.

The Earth is full of bounty!  It is a gift to you.  The Earth belongs to no man, for how does a man own his mother.  The Evil forces will tell such ridiculous lies as these.  Can evil effect the outside world you may ask?  Unfortunately yes, but it will never have direct control over you again.  The Earth is your home and she shall nourish you.  There are Spirits for everything!  There are tree spirits, sky spirits, Earth spirits, fire spirits, water spirits and so on.  Seeing them is like seeing your own aura it will come as you open your eyes and look.

This is the manner of the mountain, and all towers of power.  First, they must be at least 50 degrees in steepness.  Second, their angles or sides correlate with the stars and shapes that apply to Meditative circles.  Third there are five levels.  There are two levels under the earth and three above the earth.  There are powers of every level and corresponding senses.  The lowest sense is taste and is the element of water.  The next sense is smell and is the element of Earth.  The third sense and first above ground is sight and is the element of fire.  The next sense is hearing and is the element of Air.  The last sense is touch and is the element of energy.  May this knowledge only be used for good purposes among us!

The evil one who fell from heaven in the beginning has only a little light left.  With it he has appeared to some.  He has put it into their hearts to poison the water and drug the food.  Consume nothing from them, or their system, even if they put you in bonds, eat not.  Drink only pure water when possible and eat from the bounty of the earth.  Eat your friends (animals) only to survive otherwise love them as a King loves his people.  Cut not your hair if you can help it for this will hurt the intelligences that inhabit them and your energy will drain through them.  This is an admonition of Wisdom.

Both sit to meditate.

Sing "Om Adoni, Om Adoni, Om Adoni, El Adonis, El Adonis, El Adonis, Ahman Adon, Ahman Adon, Ahman Adon!

The Initiate will then be brought into a pillar circle or a fire pit.

A white thread belt is boiled in a basin of water on the fire alter, in the center of the Titan pillars or stones. The initiate is dressed in all white to show worthiness and purity. The white shirt should be made of two pieces, (Front and Back) there should also be a front pocket in the center of the shirt.  The guide leads him around the pillars nine times, and then up the steps and between two of the pillars, the one to his right should be the Titan pillar who he has chosen to emulate and follow.  The Fire priest will than say:

The back of your tunic symbolizes your past which has been washed clean and has no recollection of stain. The front is your future and the pocket is what your future holds. Remember, you are the writer of your own future.

The Fire priest will now pull out a piece of sage brush or some kind of brush like Soma and say:

This is a piece of sage brush which is the most noble of plants. Men do not now see or recollect its beauty, but in its perfected state it is the Manna of life. Yet do not be deceived by its current state, it still holds the keys to healing and mental knowledge. Place it in your pocket. Now the sage is only the first thing you shall put in your pocket, these things should be things that will heal your mind and body when you have nowhere else to turn. Things which will bring back the memories that you desire to outline your Eternal future.

The fire priest will now remove the Yasna belt from the boiling water and tie it around the initiate. The fire priest will then raise his hands saying:

"Ayia Ara _______, (your Heavenly parent or new name if one has not been revealed) praise be to thee our Father and Mother in Heaven.  The priest will than say, this is the praise you shall say in your mind or aloud when you put the belt on in the morning and when you take it off at night you shall say: “Ayia” to signify the same!  Ayia is the life force and Glory of the Gods which has been with them from the beginning.

The fire priest will now give the initiate an almond nut or some other kind of nut and say, "Be prosperous my son and follow the path of truth or be a true Magi."

Magi Rites

Section Three

I shall now discourse unto you concerning symbols and powers of the Magi; which Magi are sent as Elias of old to prepare the way, and to enlighten the minds of the Holy People, so that they may become Holy.  This is the measuring tool called the square turned in the ways of our Galaxy.  This is the symbol of creation itself and its symbolic possibilities are endless.  For creation is that great law ever expanding into all eternity!

This is a compass with which we make circles.  The circle is a shape of power and can be used for meditative symbols.  Planets are spheres and when there is one source of light, then half of them are in the light and half of them are in the darkness; showing forth the opposition in all things.  Circles can also be divided into fourths, showing forth the mystery of the Heavens!  Stars can also be drawn in circles, for their various symbols and powers.  Meditative circles are to be made by putting symbols in and or around a circle after meditating.  Whenever you return to that circle and meditate upon it, it will serve as a trigger to bring thyself back into that same state of mind.

Space can be written on.  And events leave feelings and energies.  This however may be overwritten and will even fade away over time.  This makes space unsteady always being changed, leaving waves and ripples.  Now the smallest measurable particles are only the tips of unseen waves.  Therefore particles jump from one place to another instantly, if it were not so movement would be impossible, needing to cover infinite distances.  Sometimes these waves separate leaving two places in one spot in the same world.  There are worlds without end; there are planes of existence without end and uncountable dimensions within those worlds.  Now how two waves are to be bound together is through dimensional stakes.  These objects transcend the space we can see.  This allows us to get back to that untainted dimension that is our original home.  When you see that real world and understand it for the first time, you will never be the same.  You will know beyond doubt that this world is not what it seems.  You will know that there is life and energy in all things.  You will know the glories of eternity.  And you will know that this world is nothing but a lie, and the love of it is a vain imagination.  You will have true joy, for you will know how much more amazing everything is!

I shall now tell you the final secret of the caves which hold you bound; and that is that they are not real.  This darkness is only the corruption of knowledge.  For Behold we have done wrong in ignorance and are cut off from the light of God.  But through faith we shall be delivered!  These walls can be made as air and we may run and the walls shall not stop us!

There is a world of the Mind, and when our Intelligences were floating in the abyss we did not experience this abyss, for we were in the world of the Mind.  All Minds are connected and all of them are worlds in the Universe of Intelligence.  We were gathered out of this world of the Mind and organized into Spirits, when our Fathers gathered us.  For he had more Intelligence than us all, having been brought forth by he who first came into this Universe, even a member of an infinitely old Godhood.

Nothing is hide from him who is our Father.  All say, Yes.


Evil cannot create nor can it be over holy things.  All say, Yes.


Let us pray for Charity, that we may continue to be filled with the Love of Christ.  Let us pray for the end of the polluted world to come and for all righteousness to be done, on Earth and in Heaven!  Amen!


Three Magi who were Nephites came and brought the toddler Jesus, Gold, Frankinsense and Merr.

The Gold represents Spiritual Element and minerals which are all around us and make all life possible, but which we cannot see or touch.  It is of this Spiritual Element that our spirits are composed, which is much finer element than we can see or touch; but when we can see it, we will see that it is all Element.  Our Intelligences were clothed in Spiritual Element, which Spiritual Material is our Spiritual body.  Elements must undergo the Plan of Salvation just as we do.  One day this Earth will become like crystal glass, and this glass shall be pure gold, and within it all things of a lower Order will be revealed!  Resurrected bodies are physical elements which have been fused with spiritual elements.

The Frankinsense represents physical manifestation.

The Merr represents the Enlightenment of the mind in understanding the cosmic order of Kings, Queens, Fathers, Mothers, Sons and Daughters in the Eternal scheme of things.  For behold we are infinite beings, without beginning of days or end of years; our intelligences have existed infinitely before, they cannot be created nor can they be destroyed.  We therefore have no inherent parents; we are our own creator, because we exist on a self-existent principle.  We are Eternal and are hence co-equal with God.  We are clothed with spiritual bodies from Eternity to Eternity and when we are clothed in spiritual bodies we may be adopted to Gods and Goddesses.  Being adopted we become their heirs, and this is the infinite Order of Fathers and Mothers and Sons and Daughters.  For that which is more intelligent than they all, desires to raise up the less intelligent and make them more intelligent; which intelligence is Light and Truth.

The Teacher will touch the forehead saying “To thee belongeth” he will touch the left shoulder saying “Glory,” he will touch the right shoulder saying, “Power.”  He will touch the stomach saying “Wisdom,” he will touch the heart saying “The Kingdom.”  He will then grasp hands fingers interlocked and he and the initiate will look upwards. They shall then see the emblem on a banner which shall be a solar disk in which are double triangles.

Behold, this triangle symbolizes the three parts of our Soul.  Our intelligence or Mind, our Spirit body, and our Physical body; wherefore all these things shall be One when we are raised in the Resurrection; and this mortal puts on Immortality!  Brothers and Sisters, do you covenant before God, Angels and these Witnesses that you will develop thy Soul and embrace all light and truth, which is the Light of Christ?  If so, say: Yes.


The Magi which are in the office of Elias are over the Twelve and the Church, being the second Councilor in the School of the Prophets.  Amen!

You are now a Magi, continue to go out and to seek for all truth, record all truth and teach all truth; and make rites to transmit that which should be received in rights; even so Amen!

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let's drink the midnight air.
For those who seek to find the
truth just close your eyes and stare.

Stare across an endless sea
drop deep into your soul.
Realize everything is energy
unified and whole. >¦<

- Unknown Poet -


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